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AutoSolo and Autotest
At Wethersfield
16th September 2018

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Our thanks to our Sponsor Coulson Building Group,
The marshals and the entrants.

We would like to welcome you to the 4th round of the Anglia Motor Sport Club 2018 series of AutoSolos and Autotests being organised and run by organising teams from Cambridge Car Club, Eastern Counties Motor Club, Falcon Motor Club, Kings Lynn and District Motor Club, Sporting Car Club of Norfolk and West Suffolk Motor Club.

Anglian Motor Sport Club

AutoSolo and Autotest
at Wethersfield Airfield
16th September 2018
Supplementary Regulations

  1. Anglian Motor Sport Club will promote, in conjunction with Cambridge Car Club a Clubman AutoSolo, a Clubman Autotest and a Production Car Autotest at RAF Wethersfield airfield on Sunday 16th September 2018. Entrance location to be confirmed in the final instructions.

  2. The meeting will be held under the General Regulations of The Motor Sports Association Ltd (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA), these Supplementary Regulations and any written instructions the promoting club may issue for the event.

  3. MSA Permits:-
    Clubman Autosolo 108539
    Clubman Autotest 108540

    Production Car Autotest 108541

  4. All 3 events are open to members of:
    Cambridge Car Club,
    Chelmsford Motor Club,
    Eastern Counties Motor Club,
    Falcon Motor Club,
    King's Lynn and District Motor Club,
    MG Car Club,
    Sporting Car Club of Norfolk, and
    West Suffolk Motor Club.
    Middlesex County Automobile Club
    Herts County Auto and Aero Club

    Entry is also open to members of other MSA registered clubs not previously mentioned up to the maximum of 15 on a first come first served basis.
    Anyone not a member of a club may apply for full membership of the organising club on the day, prior to signing on.

  5. Minimum age of competitors:-

    a. AutoSolo entries may be accepted from drivers who are 16 and over without a full driving licence subject to the vehicle being by definition a 'touring car'.

    b. Autotest entries may be accepted from drivers 16 years or over who do not have a full RTA licence subject to the following:-
    i. The vehicle to be used must be by definition a touring car.
    ii. Engine capacity must not exceed 1400cc
    iii. Forced induction is not permitted.

    c. Production Car Autotest entries may be accepted from drivers of 14 years or over who do not have a full RTA license, subject to the following:-
    i. The vehicle used must be a touring car or hood up convertible/sports car
    ii. A passenger must be carried in a proper seat with seat belts worn.
    iii. The passenger must hold a full RTA licence and have Autotest experience if the driver has none.

  6. The programme for the day will be
    a. 8.00 am Scrutineering and Signing on opens
    b. 9.15am Signing on closes and Drivers' briefing
    c. 9.30am First test commences

  7. The Classes for the AutoSolo event will be
    a. Class A1 Production saloons/estates/4 seater coupes up to 1400cc
    b. Class A2 Production saloons/ estates/4 seater coupes 1400cc and over.
    c. Class B Production (open and fixed roof) 2 seat sports cars
    d. Class C Low volume sports cars, kit cars Caterhams, Westfields Ginettas and similar

  8. There will be a single class for the Autotest (Class D)

  9. There will be a single class for the Production Car Autotest (Class P)

    Applicable to entries in all classes of all events:-
    All cars must retain the original body profile above the centreline apart from accessories such as spoilers, wheel arch extensions and similar.
    Forced induction petrol engines will have their capacity multiplied by 1.4 to define class. Diesels with forced induction will classify at their nominal capacity.

  10. Vehicles must compete on road legal tyres. List 1b tyres in the MSA 'Blue Book' are not permitted.

  11. All vehicles to be eligible for the AutoSolo event must be taxed, insured and have a current MOT certificate for the vehicle when required.
    The vehicles must also be driven to the event.
    Documents will need to be presented at scrutineering before final entry/class confirmation is confirmed.

  12. Identification.
    Competitors will be identified by numbers supplied by the organisers, these should be displayed on the rear offside windows/ equivalent or as close as possible.

  13. The organiser's decision on class eligibility is final.

  14. Awards will be presented for each event as follows:-
    a. Fastest time of day
    b. 1st in each class (subject to 3 starters)
    c. 2nd in each class (subject to 5 starters)
    d. 3rd in each class (subject to 8 starters)

  15. Competitors may only enter 1 event.

  16. Results from this event will contribute towards an overall award for performance within the AMSC series, with up to 5 events being taken into consideration.

  17. The maximum entry for the combined events is 50 on a first come first served basis.
    The minimum combined entry is 15.
    Should this not be reached the organisers reserve the right to cancel the event.
    The minimum entry for a class is 3. Should this not be reached the organisers reserve the right to amalgamate classes.

  18. Up to 2 drivers may be entered in one car, but a driver may only compete in 1 car.

  19. Applications for entry can be placed immediately following publication of these regs and until entries close 4 days before the event subject to the maximum entry.
    Entries may be accepted on the day of the event at the discretion of the organisers.
    The entry fee for any of the events is £35.

  20. The Entries Secretary for the meeting and Secretary of the Meeting to whom all entries should be made is:-
    Clive Grounds, 19 Youngman Avenue, Histon, Cambridge, CB24 9HP

    Entries can be made on line through the Cambridge Car Club on the entry form below or by post to the Entries Secretary above.
    Payment can be made either by a cheque posted to the Entries Secretary or by Bank Transfer.
    Details of the Bank Transfer process can be found as part of the on line entry mechanism.

    Note:- An entry application may be received and logged but will not be fully accepted as an entry until payment has been received.

  21. Other Officials of the meeting are:-
    a. Clerk of the Course - Chris Musselle
    b. Deputy Clerk of the Course - Anthony Smith

    b. Club Steward - David Jervis
    c. Chief Marshal - Mark Cooper
    d. Chief Timekeeper - Chris Musselle
    e. Scrutineer - Ed Chambers

  22. Marking and penalties will be as stated in GR Table M7 with AutoSolo penalties being applied to all events.
    The following also applies.
    In the event of a tie, the fastest time on the first run of the first test will decide or on each subsequent run/ test until decided.

  23. The course will be marked by numbered pylons and directional indicators.
    Details of tests, final instructions and entry lists will be available for inspection at signing on.
    Examples of markers will be on display.
    Marker cones may be less than 1m tall.

  24. Practising will not be allowed, any competitor performing handbrake turns or the like in the paddock or surrounding areas may be excluded.

  25. The entry fee is £35 and must accompany the official entry form or be transacted after completing the on line entry.

  26. Entries will be accepted in order of receipt and acknowledged by Email.
    Alternative acknowledgments can be arranged by special request but then only by phone.

  27. Timing will be by handheld device to the tenth of a second.

  28. The test will start on the marshal's instruction and stop when the car's front wheels cross the timing line.
    Competitors must stop before the baulk line to avoid penalty.

  29. Provisional results may be published through the day.
    Final results will be presented as soon as possible after the last test is completed and awards will be presented at the venue.

  30. It is strongly recommended that each car should carry a small spill kit complying with GR J5.20.13

  31. Final instructions will be issued no later than 4 days prior to the event by Email unless a specific request has been received.

  32. The organisers reserve the right to exclude any vehicle that in their sole opinion is making excessive noise.

  33. There is a 30mph speed limit on the airfield that can only be exceeded in the test areas.
    Anyone seen driving at excessive speed may be ejected from the venue. The site owners may also check speeds on the site.
    There will be a defined route from site entrance to event area and this is the only route permitted.

    This is at the request of the land owner.

  34. Once at the event site everyone is to remain in the event area until departure.
    Anyone found in other areas of the airfield may be ejected from the venue.